Hello and welcome to my dead land
~Synth V, Utau, Vocaloid producer
~Trans and or Gender Fluid

Art work

Yes I do know that I am only 13, but I am willing to show some of my artwork with the public, but please for the love of god, do NOT steal and or trace my artwork in any shape or form.

About †GHOST†

You eat a fucking Spider than you're committing cannibalism.
Anyway, hi, hello to whoever is reading this. My name is Ghost. I really don't like giving my irl name so sorry!!
Anyway, yeah, I'm honestly just a fragile person in general and I never try to get on anyone's bad side or anything, I just wanna have fun in the time I'm alive I guess.

Yes I do suffer from depression, anxiety, people pleasing, and other.
If you are a fan of me and want to become friends,i really don't like it when people address me like they idolize me, it feels very, very wrong to me I guess.

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